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First envisioned in 2008 during a lengthy deployment owner operator Michael Harwig envisioned a establishment where any sailor from any background and walk of life could come to for a taste of home. Our challenge to our customers is we will cook what you miss most from home.

Mission Statement

 The mission of Not Your Momma’s is to provide good hearty food at a fair price. We consider our customers as part of the family and what makes us successful. Serving the customer is what we do and who we are. We are centered around serving those who serve our Nation in the military and the surrounding community.


. Not Your Momma’s” is an American Classic dinner style restaurant that serves traditional regional classic home-style comfort foods.  While our focus is on serving the San Diego Military population their favorites from around the country, our family-friendly atmosphere invites those of all ages to visit.  While some ingredients will change with the season, we will strive to provide our customers with sustainable favorites made from the best ingredients available. We will also try to support local farmers when able by naming ingredients obtained from local source.

Our rotational specials will be dependent upon our customers’ wishes.  Our vision for this involves our target customers, who being away from home, want a taste of home.  To accomplish this, we will ask our customer for their favorite recipes from home.  These we will take and recreate with a twist on ingredients so it reminds them of home, just Not Their Momma’s



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